14.02.07; Wednesday

This dream took place during my 15-minute break at work last night.

I was visiting my pet-loving friend (forgot who) in her house. She had to attend to something thus I was left all by myself in the living room. Initially, there was only one canine near me. As time went on, two more dogs approached me and were, would you believe, far from hostile.

Then they took turns on being too touchy. I feigned my uneasiness and caressed them back. I was silently wishing my friend would get back and save me from this. Then, the biggest and darkest dog started becoming amorous and pressed his wet mouth against mine. My mouth remained tightly clenched and involuntarily darted to the opposite direction.

Puh-leaze! I love tongues but … Not dogs’.

My so-called friend was still nowhere in sight.