18.02.07; Sunday

For being guilty for being absent at work last Friday and being the reason why my team was disqualified from the 5K incentive program, it was no surprise I dreamt about it.

It was Monday. Hours had passed but I still haven’t exchanged messages with my boss. I felt too guilty to initiate one. Our last was through text message Friday evening in which he said I should have informed him earlier so he could have asked the person on leave to go to work instead and painstakingly reminded me of the fact that we were no longer qualified from the incentive challenge.

Then we ran into each other on the floor. I finally gathered the strength and apologized. He nodded. Relieved and thankful, I found myself hugging him and, before his chest blocked my eyes from seeing everything else, saw an officemate watch our gesture with disbelief and probably malice. He reacted, "Mahal kita," which I dismissed as something platonic and responded, "Peace na tayo ha!".