16.04.07; Monday

Allow me begin this entry with a rave that I bought a dictionary of dreams last Saturday from the newfound Booksale in HV dela Costa cor Valero Sts. for only P185.00. It’s by Geddes and Grosset. It even has a segment for hieroglyphic emblems and dream diary. Cool, eh?

Today, I dreamt that my faraway outgoing team lead admonished me about the usage of pens as evidenced by the tint ("nagtatae" as he put it) on my hands loud enough for everyone to hear. The account was strictly reinforcing the paperless policy (no papers, no pens allowd on the floor). I was initially shocked how he knew considering the distance. I was guilty; I was literally red-handed. But I denied I was and that I had a number of pens on my desk.

It is noteworthy to state that I had a recent rift with the same tead lead. As of today, he is no longer my team lead. Looking back, he also violated the English Only Policy. Ha!

Yesterday, I dreamt of my current fantasy. I was on a new job. It appeared to be something media- or event-related. My crushie was facilitating this star search event a la Quark Henares. I was watching them outside the room, behind the glass. My ‘watching’ is somehow work-related, not stalking. It’s actually the low-adrenaline part of the job.

Before the session ended, I exchanged casual greetings with my aged boss. (male, tall, white-haired all over). When it ended and I witnessed the kids emerge from the room, I moved elsewhere. I noticed my crushie and boss had a chat. I overheard him slightly bash either Sino Sikat? or Up Dharma Down because "…puro "mahal kita" na lang ang themes of their songs!"

I was standing by an open door, observing another ongoing activity. Before he passed by, he tapped my shoulder with a hand that lasted approximately 3 seconds. I turned over my shoulder, smiled and nodded, "Doc!". As far as I was concerned, it was just a greeting or an acknowledgement we saw each other on the same event. I went on looking at the other side. He vamooshed for whatever business he needs to attend to.