20.04.07; Friday

Dreamt of McDoc again. This time, during my 15-minute break at work.

He was walking the walk with a cigarette between his fingers. As if a commercial, someone from an undetermined direction disapproved of his teeth-marring vice. He was delivering his excuses with a smile. To seal off the argument, he reasoned, "Di naman ako physician so OK lang,"

The next thing I knew, we were on the beach. He agreed to take on a random guy’s challenge for a one-on-one volleyball match. Turned out the guy was smart enough to realize there was no competition at all and backed out. As a result, he’s enacting macho yet wacky moves. He was entertaining to watch. Mind you, he was in beach shorts! My eyes were absolutely glued to his firm upper body, mesmerized since it doesn’t seem that way when he has his clothes on.

Then he caught sight of me. I congratulated him. He mumbled someting I have unwittingly forgotten while slightly tickling my side. Truth be told, I felt the sensation diffuse along my waist. Must be REM.

The succeeding moment was consciousness. And I recognized my male officemate I asked to wake me up. Ack.