07.05.07; Sweltering Soul; 12:09

Latest heartbreak: Witnessing Oscar De La Hoya lose to Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Latest laughingstock: The Buzz’s new format of presenting ‘headlines’ (imagine glass enclosures to protect the pieces of evidence, photos of celebs with black lines on the eyes). Longest-running frustration: A solid day of swimming, snorkeling, sunbathing and slurping smoothies.

Dear Niwee,

My mother is starting to be a jetsetter. On her 25th wedding anniversary last February, she celebrated it with her amigas in Singapore. Then, a couple of weeks back, she had a last-minute double date trip to Boracay.

I am happy for her. Though the circumstances surrounding the latter trip was unpleasant, I was happy to hear her said she had no regrets. When she defended me against my dad’s bitter comment that I had been traveling way too often, I was happy to feel signs that she finally understood how appeasing one’s wanderlust can be uplifting and, at times, necessary. Gone were the old days of disapproval which prompted me to come up with press releases about my getaways.

It was frustrating that this understanding came a bit late. With my financial state and new priorities, I had to slow down and place travel plans in the back seat. Though I am fully convinced one traipse to the beach is all I needed to bounce back from my worst depression to date during the first quarter, I can not afford it. I had to save up every penny I have and pick up available coins in the street to see my dreams come into fruition.

Aside from the usual tuition fee, insurance premiums and housekeeper’s wage, I am now shelling out cash for my oral surgeries, skin treatments and business venture. Yes, I am embarking on a business that I hope to provide me income and, sooner or later, the balls to resign from graveyard work and spine to apply for marketing posts. The tasks of coming up with creative ideas and contacting people can be taxing but they are truly rewarding. I can’t wait to launch my baby!

Please do not cock your eyebrows for the other expenses. The extraction of my impacted teeth (yes, plural) had long been overdue and, with my fluctuating blood sugar, it had never been this urgent. Besides, I can’t have it done within the school year as it would affect my attendance and performance.

And yes, my skin badly needs professional help. My warts and pimples are something my self-confidence can no longer ignore. In fact, my pimples just celebrated its one-year tenure on my territory. Maybe longer than that. Plus the dryness all over that made me envy the snakes for their ability to shed and leave it behind for good. I had to take action before its remaining quality would only be salvaged by diamond peel on a fortnight basis. You may argue I’m experiencing blur between need and want, but I now consider healthy skin the armor for my well-being and the edge I need for my desired career in the future.

But then again, I resent the fact that I had to canopy myself from the sun. I love tanlines and beaches! I can only hope this restriction is temporary. When this business takes off and my post-graduate studies come to an end, I still have the picture of me clad in a seductive piece, lounging my way to be a bronzed beauty and rushing to the shore for a cool dip after. That’s the life!