02.06.07; Saturday

Since my second and last oral surgery Thursday, I had difficulty sleeping. I get to sleep all right, but I tend to rise from unconsciousness every hour. As a result, I spent the wee hours (around 3 am onwards) awake, glued to the boob tube or computer monitor. Then, with difficulty, I managed to go back to slumber from 6 am until before noon.

This is not my idea of a vacation leave! It is pitiful enough I can’t go on drinking spree (I’m on antibiotics for a week), attend saGuijo‘s two-night third anniversary party or go to the nearest beach (I’m not allowed to be exposed to the sun, carry heavy stuff and eat seafoods, among others). Night sleep is what I’m supposed to enjoy during this leave.

Last night, I dreamt of my best friend DJ and her colleague named H. We were having a meal together when the latter showed up. He’s designing my t-shirt concepts for me. In reality, we haven’t met in person so I wonder how accurate the dream was. Sadly, I forgot how he was represented in my dream.

Upon his entrance, I trailed off in mid-sentence and was instantly reminded of my undelivered feedback to his latest design. I immediately expressed my apologies and explained how I wanted it to be done. The design was for reggae music lovers and he admitted not to be a follower. I said it was OK and asked him to work on another concept which he responded with eagerness. After all, it’s one of his favorite expressions. According to DJ, that is.

Two nights ago, I dreamt of her other colleague named R. We were together in a class. It was our first day and I was seated next to him. Someone pushed the door half-open and asked if she were late for class. He coldly responded she’s not yet late and it’s only 9 am. She upheaved a sigh of relief and entered.

As the wait continued, were all starting to be impatient. Where was our professor? Then the late woman rose from her seat at the back of the class and declared the class is about to commence. She was pretty unfriendly. She blamed R for saying she’s not yet late. It was already 9:30 am when he asked him. I stole a glance towards him and he avoided my gaze.

Weird. I am starting to dream about my best friend’s officemates.

Happy birthday, DJ! Turning 25 can be difficult but we’d manage. We always do.