29.07.07; Uneventful & Useless; 03:32

Latest attempts for nightlife: 1.) Being stood up for the saGuijo date Friday night; 2.) Making it on time for my overtime shift last night, making me unable to watch Razorback in saGuijo instead. List of people to meet: 1.) Leeney_v for some ladies-who-lunch episode/s; 2.) Jin for business-related advice; 3.) couple Shane and Pierre for the tee samples and graphic designs; 4.) Shrink to vent out my turning-25 anxieties; 5.) Doctor for the result of my FBS. Seriously, I need more than 24 hours in a day!

Dear Niwee,

I just got promoted. Sort of.

The account is expanding. I’d be included in the new line of business. Not as a manager or quality coach, but the same old frontliner. Hence, I’d still be taking calls. More difficult ones, in fact. Before you text barrage me with greetings, allow me to explain I did not deliberately clamor for this, uhm, professional climb. I was just chosen for my tenure and stats. But my insides wanted to protest: there are more deserving agents than I am!

If there were anything I was badly aiming for, that would have to be my long overdue entry to the marketing world. The previous months witnessed me dispose my resume to every vacancy there is. Believe it or not, I had been filling up my closet with corporate attires and please-take-me-seriously pumps. Alas, no success stories so far. I am starting to feel it would take longer than it initially took me to land a job.

I see two problems here. When I apply online, I always encounter reminders that I "might" not be qualified for the post. With no managerial experience, I am short of a junior executive. Sadly, inspite of my four-year experience in the industrial melting pot and supposedly impressive MA units, I am being categorized as an entry level. But we all know I’m not. A not-so-fresh graduate is more like it.

The second one is the assumption employers have about my enjoyment of cashflow. I can’t blame them. Call centers offer the best monetary rewards in the metro today. Enduring 4 years appear to them as unwillingness to earn lower than what I am accustomed to. Sure, the transition can be difficult. But do they think I enjoy wasting my time for interviews and exams? I do realize they can’t surpass my salary. Isn’t genuine need for career shift enough to prove I am prepared for the worst?

I am 4 months shy from turning 25, for God’s sake! My body is starting to manifest deterioration and my enthusiasm for this culture is about to run dry. I need to execute a graceful exit before I finally begin to hate what I love the most about this industry. I need to feel alive again.

Please hire me.