10.10.07; Wednesday

Had these dreams over the weekend at home. (Have I mentioned I semi-moved out to a dormitory inside the university and still crawl back to Bacoor every weekends? I should have. I’m supposed to be semi-moving back to my beloved province since sembreak is at hand.)

My first dream was about the realization that my (pierced) tongue had split into halves. I saw the upper end of the dumbbell fall freely between the gap and settle below my tongue. My dream didn’t show how it begun and why!

The succeeding one was pretty mushy. I was being seen with my current object of obsession on our way to dine out. The curious gapeseeds asked if we’re already a couple. He was quick to answer, “Hindi niya pa ako sinasagot eh,”. To which I’d launch into gales of laughter.

He agreed to eat where I wanted to and had an ensuing pleasant conversation. We were actually quite physical. I recalled initiating to lean my head on his shoulder before the dinner was through. He didn’t distance himself or react violently to my action.

Too bad the dream ended immediately. *heavy sighs*