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04.11.07; Sunday

Nightmare before birthday, it is!

I waltzed in to the office bathroom (NOT the actual comfort room) few steps before my least favorite officemate did. I got the last available cubicle and started to undress. I can hear her walk around from both ends of the room and back, apparently impatient to have her turn.

She went out then came back again. The other cubicles were still taken. The maintenance woman’s voice was heard, asking her to wait for ME to finish. Not the others, but ME. She argued, “May sore eyes ‘yan eh!” I can not help but react, “Excuuuuuse me, magaling na ako ‘no!”  Thanks to Maxitrol, I nearly added.

It was true I had sore eyes the previous week. The account manager sent me home halfway my shift to prevent its widespread.

What ensued was a heated exchange of verbal abuse. I can hardly recall what insults we threw at each other. The other users and the peering maintenance woman by the door became oblivious. We just yelled at each other and ended up challenging each other for a duel.

When I was done, I opened the door and came out but I didn’t let her in. I was wearing a bathrobe and took my sweet time to generously apply my moisturizing lotion to my body. She appeared to be too furious to care about her suppressed urge to pee. She held a tiny knife and threatened to push it against me. I coolly replied, “Pwede patapusin mo muna ako sa paglo-lotion?” In truth, I was panicking inside since I was unarmed.

Apart from being a sucker to obey, she agreed to defer her perfect opportunity to rip my insides open. We reached a consensus to hold it somewhere private AND another one for every living voyeurs to witness. The order escaped me.

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