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04.11.07; Sucky Samhain; 16:01

Total number of body piercings: 7. Total number of tattoes: 0 still. Post-semestral self-assessment: What a slacker I’ve been. I have an [deliberate] incomplete for an elective!

Dear Niwee,

Everyone’s getting pierced and inked at work recently. At the risk of sounding like I’m massaging my own ego, the trend started when I had my tongue pierced. My friend Atong had hers shortly after. Then her team lead had her upper back tattooed.

Before her tongue can even get to heal, Atong had been gushing about her plans to have a tattoo. I have plans, too. But I had been decided to defer it until I get to leave the country. Heard it is difficult to go abroad if you have one. But I imagine my first as a red design on my nape and the second one as a black design on the base of my spine. No specific design yet.

I joined Atong have her inner ankle inked. [Photos here.] Even before this happened, the obsession to have my own skin art grows more intense by the day! I was once pitted between a round or Piattos-shaped figure.

Then I found a hand-painted sack bag with the image of two lizards forming a circle. My teammate Isler commented it reminded him of my friend Ina’s. Of course, I want mine to be unique. As if it were not enough, Yro reacted, “69?!” Plus, there were officemates who think it’s too masculine for me. Eventually, I had my own doubts since lizard is the symbol of prosperity in the Mountain Province. I consider myself more of a beach bum than a hiker. Hence, I was discouraged to pursue that design.

After Atong, another officemate’s wife jumped into it and had her scar concealed by a tattoo. When we talk about tattooes, more and more people are joining the circle we form and express their desire for such. Even the unlikely ones! I can’t help but feel the urge surface.

I basically want something distinctively Pinoy to display my Pinoy pride. I want something that symbolizes me as well. But I just can’t decide what aspect of myself to highlight. I still refuse to browse sites since I want mine to be designed specifically for me, not tweaked from somebody else’s.

Ack. I need help!