18.01.08; Friday

I received a text message from Mami on 07.01.08 about her dream the previous night. It read:

Katawa yung panaginip ko about you and McDoc. Nag-text daw yun sakin, di ko alam kung kayo or not, basta ang kulet nya, ibinibilin ka. Remind daw kitawag gumaslaw o humarot kasi baka mabinat daw ang ngipin mo. Hahaha. Tapos he sent me pictures of you with friends na parang ang gaslaw mo sa mga shots. Parang ganon. Haha.

It was a surprise to hear this. A pleasant one, I admit. I was just curious since she hasn’t met McDoc in person.  I pressed for answers. She replied:

 Ahaha, ang funny no? Natatawa din ako paggising ko, lalo na pag naalala ko yung mga pictures mo hahaha. At since di ko pa nga nakikita si McDoc, dinaan na lang sa text. Hahaha.

I was under the impression the pictures includes the both of us and our mutual friends. In reality, we have none. I wondered how I looked and what I was wearing. Her response:

Common friends nyo? Wacky poses. Parang you were wearing purple or lilac yata.

I was wearing this lilac tee the previous night during our dinner date. I admit we gabbed about our crushes. That could be the driver for her to dream about us. I’m so kilig!

When we met a few days after, she corrected that the photos on her dream do NOT have the both of us together with our friends. I was with my girlfriends and my wacky poses made me an instant standout in the group.