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30.04.08, WednesdayYou have no idea how excited I am about my trip to Vigan and Pagudpud this weekend with my high school friend Carol!

But my dream roughly an hour ago warns of a potential conflict.

I can’t remember the full details. I recall being on the bus next to her. We’d be on the bus (from Manila) to Vigan and (from Laoag) to Manila but I imagine the bus would be packed. The setting in my dream is more like the typical bus ride you have along EDSA. Some seats are vacant. We don’t have huge backpacks (which I prefer for traveling) or shoulder bags (which Carol is looking for this  trip).

Why my personal belongings like cellphones dropped from my bag and why I had to move from the back of the bus elsewhere escape me. Come to think of it, there were no threats from any robber on the bus.

So I moved to the front of the bus. Carol followed suit, seating next to me. I urged her to go back and take my cellphones on the floor. I was scared somebody else would take it. She reacted with her typical, “Kaw na“.

I marched away from her and found a two-seater to entertain my annoyance alone. I was being tamad, I know. After a few seconds, I retraced my steps back and collected my stuff. I initially found a cellphone not belonging to me which I informed everyone. Since nobody reacted it’s theirs, I left it sitting on a seat. A slight fear aroused, thinking this action would make them look for another valuable item near them and I would be too far to reach for my own. They didn’t.

Much to my relief, I recollected mine. I went back to the seat away from Carol. Since then, I never turned back and pretended as if I have no company. She didn’t approach me, either. Until we have reached our destination, we still refused to communicate and enjoy the moment together.

Although we went to Enchanted Kingdom together during her birthday last year, this would be our first out-of-town trip together. We were too broke to leave our beloved Bacoor when we were teens. I’m afraid that my immaturity, as portrayed in the dream, would spoil the fun for both of us. I certainly wish not.