18.05.08, SundayI had a terrible dream! It appeared I was in an out-of-town trip with beloved individuals. I just can’t recall if it were my friends or family.

On the last day of the trip, we realized that Mischa was missing! Mitch, her mother, panicked at the thought and wasted no time locating her. As her godmother, I racked my brains where she could probably be.

In spite of that, I went on to book our bus tickets back even if the search were still fruitless! How heartless of me!

I recall being entertained by a certain movie while I was on the bus to work Friday night. I don’t know the movie title neither the stars. It’s about a bunch of babynappers who found themselves running after their most recent steal as the posh and sheltered baby traipse around the city. The baby was so adorable!

And so is Mischa! She came all the way from Dublin for her christening and to meet her lovely ninangs. I’ve only met her twice so far: during the christening in Ermita and the (old) team breakfast in Makati. I’m proud how behaved and cheerful she appeared.