10.06.08, ThursdayIn my dream, my friend/ MA classmate Ayi once mentioned how fun and kick-ass Christmas parties are at her father’s company. Most importantly, everyone, even non-employees, are welcome to attend.

The dream begun with me dragging a couple of “new” friends to attend this party. They were equally excited. Before entering the building, I had to scream and tinikling my way from the throngs of frogs. (My best friend once told me the appearance of frogs in one’s dreams means prosperity. We’re so scared of frogs!!!)

Our party of four decided that one girl and I should come in first to check the scenery. I was saddened to see the typical office setting late that evening. Ayi’s father (I haven’t met him yet) appeared to be having an open-door policy as I can see him from outside. But there were no party going on!

My partner and I waited all night long. I was too ashamed to update the other two who were waiting outside. I fought the urge to meet the eyes of my partner as I imagine her piercing glare.

Suddenly, another MA classmate Erman came into the picture, talking with Ayi’s father. We had a chitchat the moment he emerged from the boss’s office. He was also working in the same company I work for. He informed he already resigned. I was shocked.

Later on, a current officemate Donx appeared out of nowhere and started a verbal battle with the boss. In the end, we found out that he’s resigning.

Eventually, we came out of the building. I apologized profusely to my new friends for the party that turned into boredom. Then appeared someone who wanted to interview me and asked how I felt that moment. To the microphone she pushed near my mouth, I answered I felt really awful to drag people into this. I felt guilty as I can’t treat them either.

Then sudden atmosphere change as I saw us all sitting in a sand, watching a surreal wave nearly reach the skies and collapse into the shore in a slow motion. The surfers who rode the wave appeared to survive. The blueness of the water reminded me of paradise!

I texted Ayi about this. She found it weird and marveled at the powerhouse cast. I had to agree.

2 counts of resignation! New friends! Prosperity! I am definitely taking this as a sign to leave Sykes and seek greener pastures. I need more grass. *winks*