21.09.08; Sneezing Sunday; 21:45Latest magazine discovery: Rogue. Latest achievement: Completing my paper for an elective and joining a coastal cleanup. Latest potential career change: Being in front of the camera. Likelihood: Not in the near future. I want my own travel show called “What Would Lornadahl Do” Latest virtual baby: This green skin. Latest act of generosity: Treating my family to their first try of Krispy Kreme’s original glazed donuts.

Dear Niwee,

We have a new maid. And it took me a while to realize it.

The morning after my Ninang Remy slept over, I found her tidying up my mother’s neglected sari-sari store. Then I found her sweeping here, there and everywhere. That was weird but I kept it to myself. After all, I was too pressured to complete my paper to stop her.

The next day, I was shocked to see the clothes segregation in my closet. But nothing prepared me at the sight of her washing our clothes. Then it dawned to me the labandera whose salary come from my end-of-the-month paycheck had been no-show for the past days. The idea who replaced her crossed my mind but I nixed the thought. My youngest brother came to me and probed, out of curiosity, why is my godmother here for the past 3 days. I didn’t know.

My suspicion was confirmed shortly after. She sat nearby as I was typing away in my laptop in the living room. She skillfully managed to steer the talk from my research paper to the unbelievable truth. Turns out she was recommending somebody else to be our maid. But they lost contact. Instead of looking for another maid, she volunteered her own services, much to my mother’s disbelief. Of course, who would be comfortable having your own best friend perform household tasks for you?

She reasoned she’d hate to disappoint my mother with the news that the maid is no longer interested. Besides, she’d rather work for us than a bunch of strangers she hardly knew. Her family also has needs. My mother, she said, disapproved of this setup initially. But the great need for an angel pushed her to agree.

Until now, I must still be in denial. I can’t even bring it up to my mother. Particularly my concern about the salary. She probably went on day off today as I haven’t seen her all day. I hope she won’t come back anymore. Is this another reality show? Please say yes!