24.11.08; Manic Monday; 09:19Latest writing piece: My mom’s resignation letter as the baranggay treasurer which I don’t recommend her to submit.  Latest high: attending the Komikon 2008, having my Callwork and Zsa Zsa Zaturnnah comic books signed and buying cheap comics for my brothers. Updates on my job hunting: Turned this down, went on applying for this in spite of my disciplinary actions. Birthday-related highs: Spending the wee hours in saGuijo for this kick-ass party and being a part of my friend’s wedding.

Dear Niwee,

I miss having boy friends. Take note that there’s a space between them. True, I miss having someone to go liplocking with, among others, but I miss hanging out with guys who can oftentimes serve as my portal to men’s psyche more. I miss everything about having guy friends: attending buffets without hearing “Hoist! Maawa ka naman sa pants mo!”, going wasted with them without worrying you’d be taken advantage of and, in general, that feeling someone’s looking after you.

This itch begun when I, along with other girl friends, reunited with an old officemate named Lex during my birthday. He was here for a vacation from Singapore. The good times rolled just like before. It’s not that girls don’t know how to have fun but it’s different with him around.

This longing aggravated when I joined my friend Atong meet up with her best friend Paul for dinner in Pen Pen’s and coffee in Figaro. The talk was mostly a recollection of their laugh trips together and some hard times when his presence was influential for its success. I envy Atong for having a superb list of guy friends.

Not that there’s something wrong with my girl and gay friends. I love them with all my heart. But I guess I’m getting tired of taking care of myself, of being looked up to by my brothers and all that jazz. Sigh.