18.06.09, Twittering Thursday, 07:52
Last weekend’s Curacha memoirs: Failed to pack up for the great exodus to UP, college reunion with Lienne, Albert and Rene in Makati, bar hopping with new-found friends Mond and Rachelle and…landing in Medical City for the first time for my knee sprain. Unwanted expenses: P2,600 for my x-ray and other bills in Medical City. (Medicard or not, drunken patients must shoulder the bills.) P3,600 for blood removal, knee brace and med cert. Waaaah! Progress report since last entry: Promising career shift, an attempt to …you know. *winks* Latest addictions: Twitter, Plurk and Facebook. Ain’t missing Multiply. Besides, they’re trying to be Facebook. Extent of addiction: Sun Alertz subscription. Kalurkey, no?

Dear Niwee,

Here’s something funny. I was in Anawangin Cove that weekend with one of my traveling dolls, Raya, having our photo taken together. Little did I know that someone is beginning to question my sanity. He told a friend, “Voodoll doll ba ‘yun? Ayoko na ‘atang lumapit kay Lorna,”

It didn’t end there. I was showing my own mother pictures of Lunah in Tibet yesterday. Instead of awe and/or envy, she expressed disdain. “Para kang mangkukulam!”

So before you dismiss me as a doll-carrying lunatic, please allow me to explain. Gathering inspiration from the French film Amelie and Willy Puchner‘s Traveling Penguins, I decided to have globe-trotting dolls to serve as my endorsers for my t-shirt business‘s upcoming designs. The t-shirt statements read “Pambansang Lagalag” and “Pagkahaba-haba man ng prusisyon, sa ‘Pinas pa rin ang tuloy!”


In my heart, this is beyond business. This is a social movement in the making. See, Raya, the one who dons the “Pambansang Lagalag” tee is our invitation to see more of our own arresting country before obsessing about passport stamps. Isn’t it sad to hear foreigners rave and express their appreciation for our culture? Let’s take Anthony Bourdain, for example. How about the countless expats who fell in love and opted to stick around? PLEASE. Let’s not be an alien in our own home.

The other tee design, “Pagkahaba-haba…”, aims to remind our brothers and sisters from the faraway land that there’s no place like home. I recall my father saying that being abroad is no fun. Kayod marino kung kayod marino. It’s all about making money to pay the tall pile of bills.

My gratitude goes to beloved friends who took care of my children in their travels. Till next time! And yes, I’m looking for willing hosts for Lunah and Djin Djin. Feel free to view the misadventures of my traveling dolls so far. Below are the links:

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