07.07.09, Twittering Tuesday, 15:14The backlog of missed events: Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Ice Age 3, Ilocos From 7 Angles exhibit, Hedgestones of Faith exhibit, ANNIE-ARE-OKE: Mag:net Cafe’s Michael Jackson Tribute Rockeoke Night and, soon, Bonfires for Peace in Manila. Aaaaaaaargh! The sole party attendance since the injury: Neil Gaiman’s 666,666 Apocalypse Party. No. of sick leaves left: Beats me.Dear Niwee,

I feel accomplished that I have a blog entry for 2 consecutive months. Considering I’ve had an on-and-off relationship with blogging since my back-to-school episode in 2005 (and Internet access at work became scarce), this is definitely a feat! Feel free to check my archive box and you’d see what I mean.

As a result of being a part-time blogger/ and unbusy freelance writer over the years, I suspect I’ve lost my writing voice. I really can’t blame the lack of material as my life had been pretty eventful and crazy ideas still run on my mind. Why do I feel so crippled with some sort of inability that until now I’m unable to pen down my travelogues since 2005? Do scholarly writings, as highly encouraged at school, have anything to do with this? Or I simply lack focus and discipline?

The only solution is to keep on writing. Sensical or not, I’ve got to keep on writing!

Recent months witnessed me get addicted to micro-blogging on Plurk and Twitter. Is it a good start? Maybe. It makes me produce at least 4 entries (sharing links or photos not included) per day. It allows immediate release of upsetting news, food cravings, rave-worthy announcements, random thoughts and papansin acts directed to seemingly unresponsive crushies. But condensing one’s thoughts into 140 characters for someone who finds brevity as an impossible talent prove to be challenging. Any claustrophobe would yearn for the open space, you know. The good news is, it made me miss coming up with lengthy messages. It made me miss blogging!

Whoever said blogging is dead is exaggerating. Sure, micro-blogging allowed changes in the trade of content production but sites like Twitter, as far as I could observe, is also being used to promote existing journals, photo-sharing sites, blogs and others. Just like what we’ve witnessed before, new technological developments may seem to compete with their predecessors. Careful scrutiny would reveal they compliment one another. Besides, there are millions of netizens who love to her themselves talk.

So here I am, damn committed to make a comeback. As a good friend Dayzzel reacted to my latest Dream Journal entry via Twitter, [I didn’t lose my writing voice and] I should write more often. šŸ™‚