25.07.09, SaturdayAccording to my dream, my parents had another argument. But my mother didn’t make an appearance on it. Maybe she walked out again and stayed elsewhere for days, just like the last time in real life?

Something terribly weird happened. My father became a frog! I saw him land heavily on a glass divider and jump out of the window, leaving a huge hole on it. Amidst my panic, I managed to ask my brother Louie to pick him up. As always, he reacted on it as if it were a huge hassle.

He knew how scared I am of frogs. So he devilishly threatened to toss it to my direction. I protested through loud wails. He may be my father, but I’m still terrified of frogs! He needs to transform back to his old self!

When I finally found the courage to step out of that room I was hiding from, I accidentally stepped on him and found him pressed on my slippers. The yelling spree commenced again. As far as I can recall my dream, I stepped on him 4 times until I finally woke up this morning.

I know I must welcome frogs in dreams as it means prosperity. I checked my dream dictionary for its meaning:

frogs a lucky dream, forecasting good to all directions (Artemidorus). The frog is a symbol of transformation , regeneration, new life, resurrection. However, if the feeling that accompanies the dream of frogs in revulsion then the dreamer must consider what aspect of their life might be making them unhappy. (Geddes& Grosset, 2005).