07.08.09, FridayMy friend Tangerine gushed she had a dream that, for me, seemed like a premonition for my non-existent lovelife. Before I continue, let me just scream out of kileg. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

So she and her company (she can’t recall who) witnessed how smitten I was to this guy. According to Tangerine, my boyfriend in the dream possessed all the qualities I was looking for in a guy. That means he is tall, long-haired, moreno, matangos, huggable, artistic, confident, amoy vanilla, grammar-conscious, witty, adventurous, patriotic, loyal, spiritual, understanding, submissive, optimistic, super bastos and, most importantly,…wearing a gray t-shirt.

With this premise, can you blame this office newbie for installing YM Messenger on her work PC? Details, details, details!

She can’t exactly recall the details, much to my chagrin. The sad part? For someone outside looking in, it was apparent how much I was passionate towards him but she can’t tell if this intense feeling was being reciprocated. To use her own words, “he drains the life out of you” and “left you wounded emotionally”.

My friend was quick to interpret that it possibly means I better be keen in choosing a guy for me. Good point.

This guy happens to have a name. Tangerine was unwilling to give it at first but I managed to fish that vital detail. Guess what’s his name? Louie. Yeah, that’s my brother’s name but I was thinking of somebody else. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack!

What snapped me out of ecstasy? An e-mail from my mentor reminding me that  the use of YM and social networking sites are not tolerated in the workplace. Oh, noes!