16.08.09; Sweet Sunday; 20:27Current employment status: Employed. Woohoo! Post-resignation plans that did NOT come into fruition: Review for compre exam, work on my backlog of travelogues and marketing for my online business. Latest research question: Is the Jollibeer sisig combo for real?

Dear Niwee,

I’m back to work! 2 weeks and 2 zits after, I am drowning with work-related tasks and worrying about my performance. As per my self-assessment, I am far from impressive. Worse, I even had an episode of self-pity for being too broke to text back and to go on lunch break and for indifferent fellow passengers who wouldn’t give up their bus seats to injured commuters like me.

Where’s the enlightened, grateful voice you all heard 4 weeks ago? Bring her back to me!

Thanks to the countless chunks of chocolates [whose brands I am not going to divulge as you might accuse me of shameless plugging], I started to breathe in and breathe out. 4 weeks ago, I was a student who just finished reviewing the road map. Today, I just got off the bus, looking ahead at the challenging trek that awaits me. I had arrived! What do I typically do at times like these? Shrug off the jitters, inhale the mountain air and begin the ascend.

I need to be reminded that this new adventure is not a question of competence; this is a call for growth. How am I growing today? What did I learn about myself and others today? I need to be reminded that this, too, will pass. My chosen path won’t be all about empty pockets and busted knees, right? I need to be reminded that life is beautiful. It’s not all about to-do lists and bills to pay.