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20.11.09, Food Tripping Friday; 22:19
Current employment status: Jobless again. Woohoo! Future plans: Can I get back to you on that? 

Dear Niwee,

Oh yes, my Saturn Return has officially started. I’m currently unemployed, financially challenged and still a master of none. Can you blame me for entertaining myself with self-deprecating soliloquy? And it doesn’t help that I have all the time on earth to pay attention to such crap.

But hey, before you dismiss me as contemptibly inadequate, allow me to brag I’m not one of those quitters who chose Hades over this worldly paradise at this difficult age. (I was told such thing is highly likely to occur at 27. Or at least to suffer from insurmountable loneliness.) I don’t intend to die old either so might as well dust it off and ask “Next?” enthusiastically just like how our beloved government employees do. 

So in my attempt to convince myself that life is a beach, I said yes to lmjgp‘s invitation to celebrate Coco Beach‘s 23rd anniversary on my pre-birthday weekend. How can I possibly say no to a celebration of decades of hardwork? Besides, it’s one of my favorite sanctuaries here in the country. You’d definitely come back for the warmth, the Pinoy-inspired rooms, the delectable food and the amazing kids from the service families, among others. Plus, I love the ethnic/tribal theme. Wait, have you seen my costume? Needless to say, I started my birthday party (read: buffet, happy hour, sight-seeing, lengthy slumber then repeat from step 1) as early as Saturday noon. (My birthday’s on Monday). In one of my solitary moments, I had an epiphany. I saw the stimulating future I had long been depriving myself. I felt the cosmic push to dart my vision forward. I felt this burning passion come out.Like they say, age is just a number. Since I despise math, I should just drop the issue. That includes my should-have-achieved list, too. Off you go! I resolve to remain a wide-eyed kid in this grown-up world: eager to learn, modest, curious, forgiving and playful. Just thinking about it makes me feel good already! I was fortunate to be surrounded by happy people that weekend. Would you believe how determined the Coco Beach staff were to win the ethnic dance competition? how proud they are of themselves? how prepared and competitive they are? The best part is, they continue to abundantly radiate that gaiety over the years. Walang KJ! How was that possible, Tita Connie

Allow me to share what I was up to during the first hour of my beerday: grooving in the dance floor as if I were never injured (NOTE: bottle of beer not in photo). 

Photo by Alistair Israel, without his permission.

Let me impart the greatest lesson out of my stay. If you want something badly, just go for it. You can’t just say, “I want a hot Italian scuba diver for dinner. With extra garlic rice. Room 11A please,” Wait, that’s just an example. Don’t give me that look. There’s NO truth to that at all!