23.11.09, MondayIn today’s dream, I’m off to a mall with my youngest brother.  I’m the 27-year-old sister that I am today. However, the 18-year-old brother seemed to shrink back to his toddler days. He was probably around 3. In my dream, it was just normal.

The journey to the bus stop involved unexpectedly running into with high school classmates Christine Yap (the official songbird) and Jojo Barbon (the official alaskador). The former was garbed in her saleslady uniform (I’m not sure if this applies today) and the latter was in casual attire. He mentioned he was off to pick up his girlfriend from work.

Then we found ourselves walking in the fields en route to the highway. Jojo let us girls to lead the way as he was engaged in a phone call. SOP? Maybe. Later, I spotted and exchanged smiles with a very bloated Bernard Hubilla. I wanted to ask how he’s been. It’s been ages since we saw each other and this huge weight gain totally startled me. After all, he’s my walking dietitian and workout guru! Oddly enough, I was in a hurry to allow a distraction from my itinerary. If this happens in real world, I would drop everything to catch up with him!

I subsequently heard a mobile phone land a couple of inches away from my feet. It was Jojo’s. Confused, I picked it up and handed it to him. His face was a portrait of indignation. He took it from me and dropped it again with much fury. If he crushed it with his own foot like in the movies, I can’t remember. 

What else happened after that and why my suddenly 3-year-old brother did not make any cameo appearance during this scene are a complete blur. 

So I made it to the mall with my brother. It appears we went there for an activity. As a typical toddler, he went on playing and, as a busy organizer, I fidgeted with my notes, looked after him, conversed with the attendees and looked after him. The nature of the activity I’m involved in was very unclear. 

There was this married couple who showed enthusiasm for the activity. My brother was fond of them and followed them around. Afraid that he’s interrupting them, I approached them to introduce I’m his ate and pulled him away. But he’d come back to them and exchange words about something I’m unaware of. Luckily, the couple welcomed his company and assured me there’s nothing to worry about. It’s not a bother in any way.

Eventually, the couple pushed open a door inside the booth. I was under the impression they’re sampling on whatever product this activity is endorsing. I caught sight of my brother enjoying his solitary moment. I was still busy that time.

When the crowd traffic started to diminish, I started looking for my brother. He was nowhere in sight! When I asked around, he was seen leaving the premises with the married couple. I scoured the place but he remained missing. Neither did I see the couple again.