12.12.09, SaturdayIt was an afternoon nap. I can’t recall if we agreed to meet up or some karmic forces brought us together, but it was an afternoon spent with my friend Bong. Our friendship started as team mates in a call center. He resigned to work in a cruise ship, he recently went home for his father’s funeral and gone back to work. 

Needless to say, I miss this guy. We used to have engaging conversations about cool series like Nip/Tuck, sound trip during break times (he sneaks his iPod inside) and everything else under the sun. I guess this longing for him was heightened by last night’s visit in Amici. Along with other friends, we once had a meal in this place and hung out in Starbucks nearby when he went back for a vacation. I remember giving him a t-shirt a bit smaller than his size then. He reacted, “It’s ok. Malapit na akong maging small,” Classic! 

So we’re together one late afternoon. We were holding hands as we embarked on a long walk. He sounded very excited to show me something. I remember looking up at him intently and noticed how his face had changed. The usual boyish looks gave way to a rough, street-smart exterior. Must be the stubble.

When we finally reached our destination, he sat for a moment to tie his shoelaces. I remained standing before a closed door, thinking I was seconds away from being introduced to his new love. The apartment owner’s maid saw us and told me nobody’s home. She was holding a green basin and, when we agreed to leave, she went inside. 

Bong said we can go elsewhere. But I can’t remember how this dream ended.