17.12.09, ThursdayI woke up Tuesday morning laughing. I had a claymation dream!

According to my dream, there was this bitchy blonde girl who is a portrait of bitterness and unhappiness. She mistreats everyone, especially her ex-boyfriend’s current flame. I forgot the actual instances when she did.

This kontrabida happens to be in the cheerleading team, too. She’s being particularly competitive to me. This covers dissing my suggested routines and orchestrating injury-inducing acts when it’s my turn to perform.

No, I’m not on FormSpring *yet* but I can answer that question on your head: YES, I was a part of my high school section’s cheerleading team. Shocking? I know.

Here’s the weird part: I get charged when I run out of energy. So imagine myself pulling up my skimpy cheerleader skirt and insert a charger on my ass when I feel tired. Sick, eh?

Anyway, that detail needs to be stated as the ending scene of my claymation dream shows my boy friend-turned-boyfriend pulled out the charger from my ass. In public. Nope, nobody got offended. It’s like it’s the most natural thing on clay world. After he did, I gave him a hug and admitted in a tender whisper that I felt a slight pain when he “unplugged me hard”.

No, I don’t recognize any familiar faces from the carefully-crafted characters. I’m not even sure if my clay counterpart were faithful to my actual appearance. But, hey, it was a real good one!