05.01.09, The Tower this Tuesday, 21:36Current employment status: Jobless still. And it’s not funny anymore. Source of happiness: Johann and the new puppy Kira. The latest evictee: Gael. *sniffs*

Dear Niwee,

While everyone has officially bade farewell to 2009, I’m still composing my thoughts. I’ve been told I have no sense of urgency for a couple of times last year. It must be so.

Inspired by gangbadoy‘s tweet, I had been re-reading my planner the past few days to re-experience the ups and downs in 2009 and, most importantly, to enlist the Top 10 things I am grateful for. There is a long list to be happy about but here are the best ones:

1. The 1st Colympics. It is truly rewarding to see my brainchild come into fruition. Thanks to Popcorn Events, I finally got to experience the maddening yet exciting world of events and make new friends. Iba talaga ang call center crowd!

2. New phone. Gone were the days of attending to 2 phones at the same time! I’ve found something that made my communication line more organized. Phew! The paranoia towards hold uppers never resurfaced, too. I know we’re all at risk of being victims but having 1 instead of 2 phones seems safer for me. 

3. A semi-comeback to the publishing world. The superwoman in me once again assumed I can juggle events, freelance writing, t-shirt business and call center life all at the same time. Well, I somehow managed to get myself published in SPIFF Magazine for my ukay ukay article but failed to do a follow-up. Ok, I’m being hard on myself again. Let’s go to the next.

4. Domestic travels. 2009 witnessed my incredible vacations in Anawangin, Clark, Camiguin, Mindoro and Baguio. At last, I got to experience the hot air balloon fest with my best friend Deejay! Thanks to Ina‘s generosity, this bum got to celebrate her 27th birthday in a paradise, meet the Mangyans again and ride in a Hummer. Malamig ang Pasko sa Baguio but I enjoyed the warmth of the bright future that awaits me there. Most importantly, another dream destination gets scratched out off my list: Camiguin. Next? Batanes!

5. Passport. In case you’re not yet aware, I had a vow NEVER to fly to a foreign destination until I have reached Batanes. Now that it’s the last destination in my domestic list, it wouldn’t hurt to make early preparations, right? Actually, I needed the passport for my oDesk account. Best of all, my dad took care of the expenses. Yeah, I’m such a loser. 

6. Barbara de Angelis. As I have mentioned in one of my previous blog entries (don’t be afraid to scroll down, I blog every other blue moon), reading her book had helped me heal in more ways than one. I seriously need to re-read it, though. Paging Keevee!

7. Two sabbaticals in a year. Who would have thought that a Curacha like myself would embrace idle periods…twice? Well, the Universe sent a cosmic boot that kicked my knee for abusing myself. Lesson: slow down! Who else would take care of myself, right? These laidback days allowed me to do more intrapersonal communication and face the realizations that I’ve been trying to run away from all my life. 

8. Surviving Ondoy AND extending help. This tragedy left everyone brokenhearted, hopeless and fuming mad. But, in my estimation, it brought out the best qualities we Filipinos have. We didn’t stop at being relieved that our own families are unharmed; we even sacrificed our precious time to give warmth to the least fortunates. The concept of Bayanihan was once again alive. 

9. Taking the first step to achieve spiritual upliftment. Towards the end of last year, I had been occupied with attempts to learn how to meditate and even tried group meditation once. This year should really show progress!

10. The decision to switch to local organic products. I am grateful to be surrounded by passionate friends who inspire me to live a healthy life. Yes, I’m talking to you, Fristine, Yvie and Abbee! We constantly update one another with raves with our fab finds. 

11. The happies place online. Yeah, I can’t resist to add my eleventh. After all, GratitudeLog is such a great virtual tambayan that I must be selfish not to spread the word about it.

Now it’s your turn. What are you grateful for last year?