Wednesday, 06.01.09Today, I’d share 3 dreams I had which I had no time to blog about. The last dream was last night’s.


It was another fruitful gathering with my support group. I don’t remember if it were for my overeating, my Saturn return-related depression, mountain of debts or group meditation (which I recently experienced). It was a party of 3 women: one Afro-American, one Caucasian and one Asian. 

I hardly remember the exact exchange between my supposedly support group but it hinted they are breathlessly waiting for their post-gathering dinner. They both gave me a lingering look that sent chills up my spine. 

Before I got to see myself being eaten alive or being roasted medium rare, I rose from bed. Typically, I groped my bed for my phone and found my brother Lecquiem‘s message sent an hour ago asking me to open the gate for him. I rapidly stood up and stepped out of my bedroom. To my horror, he was already inside and browsing the Internet. It wasn’t really the most pleasant thing to see if you just had a nightmare, you know. Turns out our grandmother pushed open the gate for him.


It was a long dream. The only detail that registered in my poor memory: I was sitting in a white sala room talking to someone whose face I can’t see (perhaps s/he left to get us food or change the music being played). It was a house party. I heard someone from the stairs above ask someone else to pick up something that fell.

I was shocked to recognize the face: it was my former QA supervisor Ryza’s. Maybe because the people I had seen in my dream do not belong to the Sykes group. I was even more shocked when she descended the stairs (since the person she asked for help was far from helpful) to pick up something herself. She was wearing a white top and, to my surprise, she was pregnant! Evidently, she was unhappy with the party noise.

She completely ignored me. This came to me as a shock again as she never fails to greet me in a cheerful voice each time (whether in Talipanan Beach or the annual Christmas parties). Must be the hormones.


Being jobless invades me in the dreamland. Oddly enough, I found myself talking to a boss from Candy Corner, telling me they need me back. It seems the marketing team can’t take the workload anymore. I was in disbelief.

The next thing I knew, I’m doing a floor walk in an office that does not resemble our old warehouse. To my confusion, I was even interacting with my old friends from Sykes! They were asking me to agree and come back. 

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata!