Tuesday, 26.01.09I made a cameo appearance in my brother‘s dream that he had shortly after watching 2012. 

He woke up to the sound of the panicking crowd. Outside, it was a portrait of chaos. Our cousin Kay suddenly stood beside him, wearing only his boxer shorts. He just woke up, too.

So it appeared we left our house. The nature of calamity was unclear. So was our supposed place of refuge. 

After a couple of minutes of carrying our valuable belongings, we stopped to momentarily rest. I appeared from their behind, panting. I told them, “Pagod na ako! Kain na tayo!”

When my brother shared this dream, my cousin laughingly reacted, “Pati ba naman sa panaginip, gutom ka parati?”

Kay said he also had Apocalypse-themed dreams after watching 2012. But he can’t recall the details.


My best friend Fristine sent a text message yesterday stating this: I dreamed about you 2 nights ago. You were barefoot and screaming like a banshee. That’s all I remember. I felt so tired and my eyes were red when I woke up. Weird.