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23.05.10; Scorching Sunday; 16:20

Remaining days of bumhood: 4. Current weight: 83.5 kilos. Nooo!!! Latest getaway: Zambales weekend with the girls. Where next? Batanes hopefully. Speaking of, the Loakan airport in Baguio just re-opened and offers two-way flights to BATANES, Manila, Tuguegara, Caticlan, among others. More details here.

Dear Niwee,

I finally agreed to exercise my right of suffrage. If it weren’t for the automated election, I believe I would remain doubtful of who gets selected to take this nation’s top seats. It’s that easy to intimidate poll watchers, stage lengthy brownouts in the evenings and allow ballot boxes to disappear. Right, Garci?  

In hopes that the next six years will be better, I tolerated four hours of punishing heat, looong queues, undisciplined elders and unpleasant smells before I could finally get to cast in my vote. I didn’t bother to cover my ballot with the folder when I shaded the corresponding circles for Sen. Richard Gordon for president and Atty. Perfecto Yasay, Jr. for vice president. It just might help change other people’s minds.

The official proclamation may be taking longer than I expected but I can’t help but cringe that more than 8 million Filipinos are willing to re-elect an impeached plunderer as the country’s president. Or, if this whistle blower named Robin were saying the truth,  there are about 12 million taxpayers who would gladly support his and his mistresses’ lavish lifestyle. Geez.

As if it were not enough, most Filipinos prefer to recycle the same popular senators (wait, I’m not complaining about Sen. Miriam Defensor Santiago) and support political dynasty in most municipalities. The latter mirrors why the current presidential frontrunner is another Aquino.

As a first-time voter, I am pretty disappointed that most of us still opt to be this planet’s laughingstock. But who am I to complain when long-time voters, I imagine, are portraits of despair? For the first time, I finally understood why some of the best minds this country has produced bitterly left for greener pastures. I hate to admit this, but I’m somewhat tempted to do the same temporarily. Sighs.

Good thing my six-month-old unemployment and pathetic bank accounts forbid me from wasting a consul’s precious time. For now, I resolve to help Her the best way I can: be a taxpayer again and involve myself in worthy causes. I’d try to cease complaining, too.