Thursday, 27.05.10

Today, I’d share 2 different dreams that I almost forgot to blog about. Yeah, sign of ageing.


With my recent involvement with CHOICE 100, I’ve been looking for potential exhibitors per region. So I decided to e-mail my contacts and ask for help.

One Great Love’s family happens to hail from Bacolod and, according to our mutual friend, their family business involves selling pasalubong items such as piaya. Hence, I found the balls to send him a PM and introduce the project. 

In my dream, he replied to my inquiry and encouraged me to meet his sister. She’s selling Bacolod products.

Of course, it was just a dream.


So my former colleagues Anj and Eems slept over in my place for some unknown reason. Although Eems found his way in my humble abode once, he found the travel to and from Bacoor quite stressful. He made it abundantly clear he won’t do it on a daily basis.

It was the morning after. As an accommodating hostess, I went to their room to inquire what they want to have for breakfast. Anj wanted something with corn while Eems asked for eggplant.

I did my best to meet their desires. However, they didn’t emerge to try the fruit of my labor.