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05.06.10; Rejoicing over Rainfall; 10:46

New workplace by Monday: My beloved Ayala Ave in Makati. Yeah, it’s the best news ever! I can already imagine Saturday breakfasts in Salcedo Market, Brazilian waxing in Buendia and yoga sessions. Goodbye, Eastwood! Preparation list: 1.)  Must get ready for graveyard shift after enjoying normalcy for almost a year. Yawns. 2.) Must get new pair of closed shoes. 3.) The 15th French Film Festival in Manila.

Dear Niwee,

Two of my favorite TV series, namely, Lost and Chuck, had aired their season-ender recently and, as usual, a myriad of spoilers had surfaced on the net. For what reason, this blog entry sadly won’t get to enlighten us. 

Somebody said watching TV series is a love affair while watching movies is just a one-night stand. That sounded true, particularly for those viewers who daily wade in the sea of violent commuters and incompetent traffic enforcers under the punishing heat or rain showers. Something that DVD marathon viewers, myself included, can never compete with. But still, give us spoilers and you’re making us unwilling 5-seconder voyeurs. 

It doesn’t matter how soon or later spoilers find its way to websites and social networking sites. Point is, they instantly kill the thrill I’m after!

Whether there’s just one or lots of eye candy casted on the show, I feel it necessary to watch all episodes with my own two eyes instead of being told how it would turn out in the end. I want to hear my own heart skip a beat or feel the chill up my spine. I want to bawl when they play a great song during an important scene. Yes, I’m an escapist. And I’m not in a hurry to do something about it.

On the other hand, I’m usually the first to ask for spoilers whenever Manny Pacquiao has a fight. I hardly watch his matches in the cinemas and, even if I found live stream links, I still demand for my best friend Fristine to give me the details that matter. Mind you, I never place any bets for or against him either. So why else would I need to know right away? It completely contradicts that reasons I stated above. Exception to the rule? Possibly.

This entry is for this week’s Team Carnival topic.