06.06.10; Shisha Sunday; 15:38

Latest music discovery: Clara Luzia and Franco. Latest organic product to try: Human Heart Nature‘s moisturizing shampoo & body wash in aloe vera, egg white and mandarin. What else my hair needs: hair makeover. Something that is likely to happen one of these days. Please keep your fingers crossed for me.

Dear Niwee,

Thanks to the dark skies outside, I am reminded of what’s on top of my travel writing backlog. The summer is over; it’s about time to share this much-deserved getaway with cool friends right before I concluded my second sabbatical otherwise known as 6-month bumhood.

It will be pointless to give you a blow-by-blow account of this summer adventure as Presea already achieved that here. And so did saberkite here. Two is too much, remember? Yeah, the alibis I come up with!

I know I have promised in one of my previous blog entries that I would stop complaining. Can I have one more chance? It’ll be short and sweet.

The 3 Annoying Tourists You Meet In & On Your Way to Zambales

1.) Noisy na, Standing pa! So our bus decided to take in chance passengers without screening their ability to make other people reach their boiling point. Noise pollution disguised as a group of teenage dirt bags made their presence felt by yakking stupid thoughts. To make matters worse, they were clamoring in English at a top decibel as if they were call center trainees who forgot they’re no longer in an EOP vicinity. My seatmate Fristine argued they’re jejemons who are not yet aware they’re jejemons. For someone who had a long day (I did my pre-employment medical exam in the morning then attended a lenghty meeting in the afternoon), I had a difficult time getting shuteye.

2.) Annoying Camwhores. Sure, I’m a camwhore myself. But I make sure I don’t drag a bunch of camwhores with me and, if I do, I make sure there’s no crowd formation around my pictorial. See, a throng of aspiring Class B models (it seems) hogged this cute driftwood in Potipot Island for about an hour. Our party of four and another cluster of tourists nearly lost our patience in waiting for our turn. In fact, my friends and I eventually approached the driftwood and took photos even if they were still around. As if on cue, the bees residing in the driftwood took it upon themselves to shoo them away. Buti nga!

See the annoying camwhores on the left? Saberkite was seriously pissed. Photo by Fristine de Guia.

3.) Irresponsible smokers. Haven’t you heard? Portable ashtrays are already available in local stores. You can’t just dump your cigarette butts in the shore. Kung may balak kang maligo sa dagat ng basura, ‘wag mo kaming idamay! This also goes out to tourists who assume any of our 7,107 islands is one thrash can: think again!


Enough with the horror roll. After all, the entire getaway was mostly fun. Wanna know why?

The 3 Must-Haves To Take With You in Zambales

1.)  The Photographer. Camwhores, listen up. There’s no other way you can immortalize yourself during an unforgettable trip such as this if you’d have no decent photos to take home with. Thankfully, Presea willingly assumed this role. She can sometimes get unforgiving in terms of computing her calorie intake but at least she’s not forcing you to do the same. 

2.) The Story Teller. We all have our own stories to tell but nothing beats Fristine’s gift. I’d be forever grateful for her willingness to share her opinions, pieces of advice and her personal stories. Wait, it doesn’t end there. Without her wisdom coupled with willingness to listen, I must be a decaying flesh in a pit somewhere by now.

3.) The Native. For any cash-strapped traveler, it is always helpful to have someone take care of your accommodation. Saberkite was more than that; she made sure we’re at home and we meet her inspiring folks. We were so fortunate to chat with her cool grandfather who saw the golden age of Manila and, sadly, to what it is today. We often ask for improvements for the next generation to enjoy without realizing how harder it would have been for the prior generations. Kat, thank you for everything.

So what’s my contribution for this trip? Damn, I don’t know.

Photo by Presea.