20.06.10; Father’s Day; 13:46

Katas ng Sweldo: Beers and food trip with our trainers and some of my batch mates, new phone battery, organic pet soap for Kira and ticket to the infinity..and beyond! I should stop feeling guilty about spending for these, right? Newest addition to my postcard collection: 2 postcards from Madrid. So when are you sending me one?

Dear Niwee,

Atong‘s father passed away. I remember how she found it exhausting to take care of someone who doesn’t even want to take care of himself. I objected when she asked the Universe to claim his soul right away, saying no daughter would jump up and down with relief when this happens. I was right. I heard her voice broke and saw tears stream down in recounting his last few hours. She is still in denial and she doesn’t want to prolong the sleepless solitude she endured this week.

See, her father had tuberculosis, diabetes, prostrate and lung cancer and kidney trouble. In spite of all these, he continued to smoke like a chimney, indulge on sweets and play deaf to his family’s repeated reminders. Since they don’t tolerate such unhealthy lifestyle anymore, he turned to his neighbors and house guests for money to sustain his nicotine and sugar fix. Up until his last day on earth, he almost begged for any amount. Little did they know that he spent his last money to redeem himself: he bought Atong’s requested vegetable and soda fix for his last lunch and call card he was supposed to use to reconnect with his relatives based in Canada. He mustered his remaining strength to tidy himself up and the space he left behind. He really made preparations.

I felt my heart break for them. I’ve been a part of this family for the past years and I’m super grateful how they welcomed me in their abode countless times before. Three years ago, I thought my friendship with Atong had reached its saturation point. Upon finding out her father got hospitalized for hypoglycemia, I found myself giving them a visit in attempt to make them all feel better. That was all it took and we’re friends again.

Tito Roger, I owe it to you that I still have this strong bond with your daughter. I know you’re in a better place now and you’d continue to watch over them. Don’t worry, I’d always be there for Atong. Thank you for everything. May you rest in peace.


Link from Donna Phoebe Pascua.


If it were true that daughters are usually drawn to their fathers as much as sons to their mothers, then I’m your typical daddy’s girl. He was a full-time father during my formative years until he opted to take a job offer abroad to relieve my mother of the crux as the sole provider for a growing family. He compensates for being a distant parent whenever he’s here for a vacation: he gives elaborate care to the kitchen, gives warmth to the dining room and probes for what’s going on in our heads, among others. He’s such a spoiler even if we don’t truly earn it and he’s such a stage father even if we don’t give him reasons to be one. Unlike what’s expected for the head of the family, he submits to my mother. Completely. Did I hear you say machunurin?

I know most people ridicule him for being one and, at times, I wish he’d express himself so my nagger of a mum would clam up. Remember how she tearfully drove out of our house and ruined my brother Lecquiem‘s birthday by saying she’s not coming back anymore? It was a petty issue that got out of hand because someone’s too immature to sort things out on their own and someone’s too nice to allow such to take place. Needless to say, he didn’t take my advice and went to pick up his other half when he found out about her not-so-distant hideout. Bravo!

Papa is slow at anger. He’s sacrificial and selfless to a fault. Also, he loves my mother too much. Sometimes I wonder if he were Jesus Christ in his past life. Such traits are too difficult to possess and lessons that I’m still struggling to learn. I’m just too happy being a self-absorbed bratinella-slash-ranting machine.

Have I told you how much I love him? He’s my anchor and my greatest inspiration. I know his massive expectations from me can be difficult to meet but I’d try my best to accomplish them. Or I’d die trying. Kisses to New York!


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Quotable Quotes:

Nahihiya ako imbitahan ka sa bahay. Anak ka ng kusinero eh. Sanay ka sa masasarap.” – high school friend Genesis

“Lorna, I miss you na! Actually…yung luto ng Dad mo.” – college friend Cheng

Alam niyo bang nagkakandarapa kami sa kilawin ng tatay niyo? Siya ang pinakamasarap magluto non. Tapos kayong mga anak, deadma lang? Tsk tsk! ” –Tito Momon

“I have no regrets na si Papa ang pinakasalan ko,” – Mama