26.06.10; Sleepy Saturday; 18:15

This week’s unnecessary expense: Post-lunch hot fudge/caramel sundae. It will NOT happen again next week. Promise! Weight loss progress: I haven’t checked. Back-to-graveyard-shift adjustment: Pretty impressive. I get 7-8 hours of day sleep and I get to go online twice a day!

Dear Niwee,

Know what’s the best thing about being an injured bum in mid-year 2009? I had all the time on earth to mourn and celebrate (in that order) the life of a musical genius. Remember this entry?

The first time I saw the news about Michael Jackson‘s demise online, I immediately dismissed it as another hoax. After all, 2009 had witnessed a parade of celebrity deaths, real or not. It would be a cute marketing ploy to come up with such news then the guy himself would oblige for an interview and deny the rumors. In fact, he’s occupied rehearsing for his final concert…there you go, instant plugging. He sure needed it.

I remember laughingly calling on my mother from the kitchen, saying she needs to see this news. It was too short to be considered credible, never mind it was published on Yahoo! News. Being a die-hard fan, she echoed my doubt. How else could a healthy, wealthy man (or so it appeared) kick the bucket at age 52? Surreal, it is!

But when TV news confirmed what we read earlier, I felt sadness wash over me. I wanted to ask my mother, are we really eating THIS for breakfast?

For my early exposure to his music, I have my parents to thank for. It was not difficult to appreciate him as a performer: astounding dance moves, angelic voice, jaw-dropping live performances, creative music videos and his heart-warming lyrics which, in one of his interviews, he refused to take credit for as some divine force guided him in penning them down. He’d expressed his encouragement for the world to unite in such a gentle voice that makes you wonder how come others had to be forceful or preachy. He apparently devoted time and energy to present unforgettable dance routines but such never compromised the content of his songs. Haven’t we seen too plenty of impressive dancers who sadly croon empty lyrics?

1995 was the height of my admiration for the man. It was the year he released HIStory: Past, Present & Future. It served as my portal for his previous well-loved records and a preview of what he’d serve next. The following year, he flew to Manila to hold a concert. Now, I want to hurt myself for missing that opportunity to experience his performances live. There’s no way it will happen again.

Yesterday, during his first death anniversary, I participated in the Michael Jackson party on Facebook and posted about 5 videos, namely, Earth Song, They Don’t Really Care About Us, Human Nature (John Mayer’s  rendition during the memorial), You Are Not Alone and Smooth Criminal, to remember the legend that he was. How time flies! I wouldn’t remember it’s been a year until it became Team Carnival’s topic this week.

We may have lost a living reminder to heal the world in any way we can but I am convinced his music will live on – to lift us up and keep us company when we are drowning with misery, to remind us that we can contribute to the much-needed worldwide rejuvenation, among others. Long live Michael Jackson!

Is it possible to choose only one favorite Michael Jackson track? That’s difficult. Allow me to share the ones that touched me the most.


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