Wednesday, 07.07.10

Blast from the past has been my favorite drama for the past weeks. Memories of shared moments with this person sprouted in all directions. Some good friends even felt it was necessary to recount or ask questions about this erstwhile relationship. It was therapeutic somehow.

In my dream yesterday afternoon, I was out partying with some friends. I happened to be standing next to a seated guy friend when he spotted me from afar and managed to greet me by saying, “Gentlewoman ka na ngayon?”. Or something to that effect. I laughed back and saw him exit the bar. He was with his own set of friends.

Before the night ended, our own circle of friends shared the same space and we got to hang out. Everything was cool.

As far as I know, we can never be friends again. As one guy friend told me, doing so is like saying, “You treated me bad… and it’s absolutely OK!”. But, as this dream suggests, my subsconscious wants it the other way around.