Monday, 19.07.10

It’s amusing that Grace and I were just talking about her ability to dream-within-a-dream last night when I woke up to the news today that she dreamt of me. Allow me to quote her:

“I dreamt of you, mare. It’s like a big makeshift bedspace in a sala we’re in, tapos pinapasok na tayo ng mga bad guys. Ang daldal mo pa rin daw, you keep on talking. I was trying to quiet you down.

Weird. We have a guardian sleeping, parang yaya. I woke her up nang nakapasok sila (the bad guys) then hinarap ko siya, then that yaya turned to a string puppet, basta paghawak ko sa kanya puppet na siya. Hindi ata sila true thieves. The next thing that happened is like a Babaylan ritual. Weird.

Alam mo yung sa Trueblood sa finale, that Maenad  ritual with flowers and plants? Ganon.”


I also had a dream of my own this morning. While I was browsing my homepage on Facebook, I was shocked to read my brother Lecquiem’s and cousin folded’s statuses announcing our spoiled furball’s demise. No details were specified, prompting me to read more. I was in denial, thinking how could  a family member like me be unaware of this depressing news?

I found myself awake shortly after. I was relieved it was just a dream. Perhaps it’s my concern for Johann’s galis that made me dream of such.