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24.07.10; Sporty Saturday; 23:15

Matches that I watched today: Paraguay vs. Italy replay (1-1), the last two minutes of Ateneo vs. La Salle (66-63), New Zealand vs. Slovakia replay (1-1), Cote d’Ivoire vs. Portugal replay (0-0) and uhm, the It’s Showtime finals. Just read this over and I can imagine your jaws. The last time I was riveted to sports was in grade school. After that, my tolerance to basketball just died.

Dear Niwee,

I have always felt that this entry calls for an extension. It doesn’t feel right to diss local TV yet laud only foreign shows. So before I stress you with my words of pissdom about local TV again, please allow me to state the ones I actually appreciate.

My young adulthood included subscription to now-defunct situational comedy Palibhasa Lalake, political satire Abangan Ang Susunod na Kabanata, the informative Tatak Pilipino, drama anthology Maalaala Mo Kaya. Who else agrees that the latter should increase their cash prize to the letter senders? 18 years later and it’s still P10,000? Come on!

It still breaks my heart that USI (nope, I’m not talking about Paolo Bediones’s Under Special Investigation here) got cancelled after its first season. It’s a travel show with great interviews involving successful OFWs or second-generation Filipinos abroad. Though the female host pales in comparison to KC Montero‘s gift of gab, it is not a bad try to spread awareness and encourage pride in our roots. Watch this:


Another favorite TV show called Landmarks had always been well-researched and able to provide interesting information about the featured municipality. I believe it also helps that the host is rather unpopular, making it easier to pay attention to the details being divulged. I remember being distracted to Charlene Gonzales’s looong legs when she made post-Sunken Cemetery dive assessment a la mermaid in a rock by the shore. Plus, I still can’t get over the fact that I wasn’t allowed to ride an ostrich in Davao City because I’m not Charlene Gonzales. Anyway, I hardly get to watch it anymore since it changed timeslots from Sundays at 11:00PM to 05:30PM. It’s either I’m out with friends or switching channels to get the latest showbiz updates. Yeah, I need that sometimes.

Gushing about my latest TV favorite never fails to solicit gasps and/or cocked eyebrows among good friends. It’s Showtime is a pre-noontime talent show that allows any group to show off in whatever medium they prefer with live audience that presents their scoreboard and judges who comment on their performance. At the end of the week, the viewers may elect to remove any not-so-engaging judges, except for the comedian Vice Ganda. Sure, the parade of hip hop dances can get saturating but you can’t help but standby for the judges’ remarks -whether for the contestants or for their fellow judges. It’s an understatement to say there’s no dull moment with Vice Ganda on-cam but he sometimes forget that the show is not a comedy bar. Forgive me for my convicted plurks and tweets about the show’s suspension, Vice Ganda vs. Tado and disapproval of the copycat Diz Iz It, among others, as Showtime served as my only company during a difficult stage in my life (read: acting mum days). Up until I made a comeback in the graveyard scene, it counts as my happy pill.


From raves to rants we go. With my balled fists, allow me to enumerate whose faces I want to get rid of on national TV.

In the name of the stampede victims, can somebody please chop chop Willie Revillame and feed his remains to a bunch of piranha? He’s one ungrateful prick who recently demanded for the management to sack an on-air detractor. It’s one thing that you’re too immature to be open for criticisms, but to openly challenge the hand that feeds you just because you rake in P1 million daily is another. Is he convinced that the crowd will favor him because he gives them get-rich-quickly opportunities? Well, mister, check the greater number of thinking Filipinos who would love to see you unemployed on various group pages on Facebook. Anyway, this is NOT his first offense. He’s had history of preventing a contestant from winning and harrassing a female contestant,  among others, remember?

Another Kapamilya moneymaker who’s making a slight disappearance on TV is the presidential sister Kris Aquino. Her recent unwillingness to talk about the ugly turnout of her marriage and sacrificial move to resign from her showbiz talk show, The Buzz, sounds promising, but this means she’s still out there to shove her bad acting as passable dinner. Then there’s her ubiquitous billboard advertisements that we have no choice but notice, thanks to the consistently heavy traffic, and the frequent publication of her magazines and weekly columns that drip with narcissism. So what’s next for Kris Aquino? Another game show? Puh-leaze, we’ve seen Edu Manzano handle it better. But, at the risk of disownment, I think it’s gonna be a less entertaining world without her.

Then there’s Lucy Torres-Gomez who has lifestyle magazine show, dancing show and weekly column. With her new role as  the Congresswoman of Leyte (read: puppet of her sourgraping husband Richard Gomez), shall we see less of her on The Sweet Life? After all, it’s Wilma Doesn’t who gives vibrance to this talk show. Or shall we see more of Lucy Torres-Gomez on the news? I can’t imagine how this would be like. Can’t she just stick on magazine covers and TVCs?

If there’s anyone who should just confine herself to print ads, that’s KC Concepcion. Actually, she’s been overexposed for a decade now. I remember getting glimpses of her during my travel in Cagayan de Oro during college days, in Davao City a few years back and everywhere else! She got her father’s face and mother’s ka-OA-yan, making her parents’ fans swoon over her as well. Can’t they see her theatrics don’t fit on TV and movies? Can’t they see she can’t host? Can’t they see her love teams with Richard Gutierrez and Piolo Pascual ain’t convincing? I am so annoyed with her that I can easily forget her humanitarian efforts just by the mere exposure of her face!

If there were any dub that I can’t afford to accept is the title the industry had awarded Pops Fernandez. How can someone who doesn’t have a memorable, astounding voical range count as Concert Queen? Lemme guess: is it because of her relations to the Concert King the time she experienced meteoric rise to fame? Come on, they have long parted ways!

Mike Enriquez
tantanan mo na kami! Utang na loob! My eyes can’t stand your face; my ears can’t appreciate your voice. But still, you have a news program and a radio show! Amazing!

Thanks for Team Carnival’s topic this week for this opportunity to unleash TV-related stress. Sa uulitin!