Favorite short films from the recently concluded Cinemalaya 2010

Breakfast with Lolo

It started with the presentation of a grandfather’s desire for a hearty breakfast. However, his son reminded him he can’t afford to indulge due to his health condition. Shortly after, the grandfather, with his grandson’s help, sneaked to appease this craving for a tall pile of pancakes.

Turns out this was the grandson’s favorite memory of their shared moment together; he recounted this particular escapade to his father during his grandfather’s wake. It was delivered with much delight and gratitude, reminding us that life is too short and we must allow our inner child to remain alive by choice, not resurface by circumstances.

The film was short and sweet, with perfect timing for humor and impressive portrayal of good times. If you miss the details, you won’t even realize they’re in a wake already. Most importantly. it was really heartwarming that the film invites us to celebrate our loved one’s life, instead of mourning over it.

Watching this short film reminded me of this entry about a good friend’s deceased father.