Monday, 23.08.10

Even in time of fever, my subconscious wants to talk about the office crushie.

In my dream, I was in the front row of a theatre play with a young boy on my lap. I later realized this was a quick breather provided by the management when I recognized tenured specialists from work. I don’t remember who I was seated next to. But I remember how my heart skipped mad when I caught sight of the crushie behind me. He looked hot in his dark blue polo and alone in the second row. Nope, I didn’t bother to sit next to him. Why settle for the second row if you’re in the front, right?

Before the second act, the boy stood up and went to the other side and started calling me ate. Gasp. It was my 20-year-old brother shrunk to early childhood! He bought us Chupa Chups and I wasted no time to suck away. 

I have no recollection what the play was all about. I’m sorry.

The following scenario is in a garden. While I was doing my walk around the place, I can overhear a male guy from work talking to a young girl. She was apparently crushing on the same guy. There were doing FAQs about him. I think he said he’s a Baptist and he’s not sure if he were romantically involved already or what. By this time, I’ve reached them and discovered the girl (she doesn’t look familiar at all) was doing sketches. There were 2 finished sketches, both were depicting the garden with matching portraits of a woman I don’t recognize.

I complimented her work and she responded with a smile. Then I left.