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29.08.10; Sago Sunday; 02:46

No. of girlfriends who’d tie the knot soon: 3. Roles for their weddings: Bride’s maid/organizer in December, reception co-host in January and still unknown for the third one. It’s likely I’d play a role. After all, I’m their matchmaker no! Latest acts of competitiveness: Joining this and this! Success stories: Zilch. Work-related high: Handling my own international deal. Woohoo!

Dear Niwee,

Attended the Philippine International Eco Show this Friday. The poor attendance illustrates a sad portrait that this country may not be that willing to go green yet but my optimistic self assumes the place will be packed this weekend. Salary got credited already, right?

As always, I had an awesome time with Lakapati. We scoured the place for superb take-homes and more learnings about sustainable lifestyle; we just don’t have photos to prove it. Here’s a rundown of the memorable booths we visited (in random order):

Human Heart Nature dealers as we may be, we welcome competition and even use products from other organic brands. It’s a great manifestation that there’s a growing market for chemical-free personal care items. We found All Organics and I started asking for the mouthwash, healing foot spray and deodorant spray refill while Lakapati went on a chat with the owner Edilee Omoyon. I’ve always wanted to purchase the mouthwash so I can present a tangible proof to my dentist who doesn’t believe me when I said there are existing organic oral care products already. I’ve heard raves about their mineral make-ups, feminine wash, shampoos and soaps and I’ve personally benefited from the Rescue In A Bottle. You might want to give them a try, too. Yes, they now offer baby products!

For interested dealers, initial order must amount to P5,000 and enjoy 20% discount for succeeding purchases. No quota thereafter but sales performance can lead up to 40% discount for personal purchases. I’m thinking about signing up.

As Lakapati’s suggested, I decided to temporarily quit on using puta red lipsticks in favor of Naturale Wonders‘s burgundy lipstick. Up to now, I’m not sure if I really wanted lip color variety or I just wanted to have a daily whiff of pili nuts before I apply it. Either case, I love how it feels and looks on my lips. Lakapati, on the other hand, got herself a 2-in-1 lipstick and blush in red tint. Naturale Wonders also have moisturizing creams, bath soaps and massage oils.

Also, allow me to commend their sales staff (forgot to ask her name) who candidly express her disapproval whenever the lipstick doesn’t compliment the buyer. We need more of that honesty in our malls!

Nature’s Haven got my attention when I caught glimpse of their tawa-tawa capsules. In this time of dengue threat and citronella bug sprays getting out of stock, it is wise to get an alternative. Other capsules include catharanthus (prevent cysts, goiter), lagundi (cough relief), malunggay (prevents cancer, diabetes & high blood), turmeric (for detox), banaba (for kidney & liver problems & diabetes), cinnamon (immune system boost and weight management), lemongrass (anti-oxidant), sambong (helps with hypertension & kidney problems), mangosteen (prevents cancer), ampalaya (lowers blood sugar), yacon (diabetes, asthma & weight loss) and langkawas (prostate problems).

Unfortunately, this company has no online presence yet. They are based in Bacolod and orders will be shipped from there. Contact 0922-800-8183 or 0922-883-8437 for more details.

Solraya’s Sunshine Chicken had me at sisig (made of gizzard, P300). And liver pâté (P300 for a tub)! If my memory serves me right, they sell free-range chicken for P200 per kilo and deliver for at least 5 kilos of chicken. They also sell organic eggs and no-preservative chicken sausages. I am yet to experience free-range chicken, though.

We found impressive handicrafts and wedding ideas from OTOP. They said they have a new outlet along Macapagal Avenue, teeming with more products to choose from. We resolved to give them a visit one of these days.

I have heard of Plantex from Lakapati before. It was amazing to see how they expanded from home care products to personal care products! They now have bath soaps, toothpaste, hand sanitizers, hand soaps, shampoo & conditioner and body lotion. They also welcome advocates.

Alchemist Mr. Jose Ingles had a talk about his Chi essential oil.  This mix of citrus peel, elemi pili sap, ylang ylang, vanilla and concentrated mint oils serves as relief for muscular pains, sprains, bruises and migraines and insect bites. One spray and I already felt its potency!

There was also a talk about Internet security. When the speaker promised to give away 5 FREE one-year anti-virus licenses, attendees, including us, started approaching the activity center. We then learned that ESET, as a socially-responsible company, will discontinue selling CDs and replace them with USBs or cards and offer online downloads. The talk got me slightly paranoid about my online identity; I better watch what I post online and start changing my passwords! The happy ending: we all got ourselves a FREE 30-day anti-virus license. Lakapati pushed her luck and got herself the coveted one-year license (worth P1,500 everywhere, only P900 during this expo). She had to play Pinoy Henyo first.

I finally met the organic farming rock star: Mr. Gil Carandang and Kuya Ramil of Herbana Farms. He was selling organic inputs like silica extract and calphos and food supplements like turmeric tonic (P300 for 500mL) and lactobacilli, among others.

Lakapati has interviewed him for this article which he found to be insightful and commendable. They’d be working on a booklet project which necessitates for a training + tour around the farm. Of course, I signed up for it, too! Lucky Lakapati, Mr. Carandang gave her a copy of his modules on organic farming (worth P1,500) as her guide for the manuscript! 

It is important to note that there were solar panels, windmills and other exhibitors present in this event. Even the country’s first solar car had its own parking lot in the venue, inviting for a photo opp. Animo La Salle!

Photo by Lakapati.

I think sustainable lifestyle in this side of the planet does not yet flourish due to the discouraging costs and the huge amount of effort it entails. It may cost more but, in my mind, it would promote peace of mind and prevention which is cheaper than treatment.

Please allow me to enlist my purchases from this expo:

  • All Organics 75mL healing foot spray – P105
  • All Organics 200mL deodorant spray refill – P195
  • All Organics 50mL lemongrass mouthwash – P95
  • Naturale Wonders burgundy lipstick – P150
  • Plantex 50mL herbal toothpaste – P79
  • Jamaican-inspired dreamcatcher necklace – P50
  • 10mL Chi essential oil – P150

Will you do me a favor and compare these to the non-organic products you’re using right now? Let me know if they’re of the same range.

Regardless of the abovementioned impediments, an expo of green products prove to be promising. Something tells me this will be the first of many. Let’s see each other next year!

Check out Lakapati’s blog entry about this event here.