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03.03.2011; Thirst Day; 23:58

Reason for 5-day sick leave: Muay Thai workout.

Dear Niwee,

What else is the best way to conclude a stressful week at work than attend this year’s Food Expo? I know I have tithes to offer, bills and loans to settle and savings to squeeze from my salary for my upcoming getaway in Batanes, but why not splurge on good food? [Got free entrance via LocalRoam, by the way.] Given the recent hospital-hopping itinerary, I do not regret shelling out some bucks for my food finds vs. prescribed pain killers, Icy Hot balm and countless cab rides. Yes, I’m in a relationship with food!

The 10th Philippine Food Expo 2011

I learned from Kat that the best strategy to safeguard those hard-earned bucks is to go around,  sample on everything (it’s free anyway), select from the potential candidates THEN disgorge bills. “Parang ukay ukay lang ‘yan!” she advised. Problem is, I am more disciplined in front of tall pile of fashionable pieces. In front of FREE food, the gluttonous monster resurfaces!

They say the melon variant is the best-seller but I favor the vanilla green tea the most. It’s also available in cherry and peach. Now available in Watson’s outlets. Photo by Kat.

Bagged home one pack of Korean udon noodles at P100. It’s P150 in supermarkets. Photo by Kat.

Tomato jam that tasted like strawberry jam. This is one of those potential candidates that, after much deliberation, didn’t get purchased. Photo by Kat.

Theo & Philo artisan chocolates: dark chocolate, labuyo/chilli, green mango & salt, pan de sal, milk chocolate, barako and pili & pinipig. P95 per bar. Photo by Anne.

My pick: tsokolate with siling labuyo. Because I love spicy stuff and…and…there’s no sample for me to try. Too cute to unwrap, too tasty to keep it to myself. Bago ‘yan ha! Photo by Kat.

Ilocos empanada (P40) for lunch! Photo by Kat.

Taclings! [Methinks it means tiny tacos na hindi tacolitos?] If only their outlet in Makati is open after 20:00, I’d be a constant customer. Photo by Kat.

Lambalites! Lambanog na may lights! Just kidding! Photo by Kat.

Sampling on these honey wines (bugnay, etc) officially ended by more-than-a-month-old sobriety. Not that I’m complaining. Photo by Kat.

Sampling on this basil smoothie. Just add basil and lemon in the blender and you’re fine! Photo by Kat.

Yum! Love the Kielbasa and Brockwurst sausages! One pack is at P150! Photo by Kat.

Tahong (mussels) chips is a product of Bacoor, Cavite. And I’m ashamed to admit it was my first time to try it in the expo. Photo by Kat.

Great-tasting suman, unfriendly salesladies. Must be because I went looking for suman in ginger flavor and mistook their merchandise as the ones I buy in Salcedo Market. Yeah, I’m such a moron. Photo by Anne.

It may be blue and possibly misspelled, but via agra actually means cotton candy! Photo by Kat.

Curiosity made me deviate from my usual choice of dark chocolate and/or pistachio. Only P50. Too bad for Anne and her friend Geo, this was waaay better than Fiorgelato!

My take-homes:
1.) Korean udon noodles – P100 (being sold for P150 in the markets)
2.) 4 packs of Princess Coconut sugar from Butuan City – P75 for 250g. Bought it for P250 (saved P50!)
3.) 50g chia seeds from Hacienda San Benito – P330
4.) Avocado pandan teas (about 8 tea bags) – P50
5.) 2 organic romaine lettuce – P30 each (free if you bought any of Gourmet‘s dips)
6.) Theo & Philo’s tsokolate with siling labuyo bar – P95
7.) Wide smile – Priceless