24.06.2011; Falcon Friday; 21:41

Me, my t-shirt and pitcher of banapple smoothie: Wet, wet, wet! Go away, Falcon!

So I’ve shared my learnings and raved about the awesome sights in Batanes in my prior entries. How could I possibly move on to another bloggable matters without giving you a sneak peek of our daily indulgences?

Merienda in Sabtang

Buko juice!
How cute how they made spoon out of its husks.

Lunch break in Nakabuang Beach in Sabtang Island

Our tourist guide, Kuya Chris, already arranged everything for this unexpected banquet. NOT recommended if you intend to swim competitively right after. We paid P300 each for the following yummy food. 

Turmeric rice

Seafood soup

Tagalog Adobo

Steamed coconut crabs


Big fish. Forgot how it’s called.

Biko for dessert

Dinner in Sabtang Municipal Tourism & Information Office

En route back to our home in Sabtang Island, Kuya Chris asked us, “Ok lang ba sa inyo kung lobsters lang ang hapunan niyo mamaya?” We chorused, “LOBSTERS LANG? LANG?!” We can’t believe it. Ni-la-lang niyo ang lobsters in Batanes?!  

Ivatan adobo or luñis

Lobsters lang

Breakfast in Ivana

One-day-old flying fish. One day meaning dinaing for one day.
This is actually seasonal and costs about P25 each.

Lunch Break Overlooking Racuh A Payaman

Again, Kuya Chris took care of everything. Also P300 per pax. 

Ano na nga ba ang title nito?

Luñis again

Lunch Break in Vatang Grill and Restaurant

This newly-opened restaurant was quite near our homestay in Ivana. A la carte meals start at P100. Our group’s lunch amounted to P300 per head. Another well-spent dining experience! 


Buttered chicken

Pancit canton


Merienda in Casa Napoli

Mr. Xavier Mirabueno, the owner, used to work in Italy. He’s now probably working full-time chef and owner of this establishment. Probably because this pizzeria is only open from 17:00-21:00 on Mondays to Saturdays. We heard that he makes use of 100% mozzarella for his pizzas and I managed to ask him for his source. Guess what? The huge blocks of mozzarella that we saw in his fridge comes all the way from…Manila!

Check out the menu here.

Have I told you that our party of tamagochis forced ourselves in about 10 minutes before they officially open? That’s how excited we were!

Pizza par-tey in Casa Napoli!



For someone who recently decided to embark on a journey to raw food diet, I will remember this out-of-town trip as my last chance to stuff myelf silly with meat and animal by-products. I remember these good food but I don’t remember the appetite for most of them anymore. 

All photos by Toni Cruz.