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06.08.2011, Pardon Me!, 23:49

No. of days since the If Not Now, When? experience: 9. Signs of recovery from the hangover: Nada!

Dear Niwee,

I lean against the wind
Pretend that I am weightless
And in this moment 
I am happy


A girl will always remember her first time. Thank you for last Thursday night, Franco and Incubus. Thank you!

I know, it’s Incubus’s third time in Manila! I felt they were urging me to come and see them live this time as soon as I laid eyes on the concert poster and read the text If Not Now, When? With my friends in the workplace, we eagerly bought our tickets. It’s time!

I’ve waited all my life 
If not now, when will I?
Stand up and face the bright light
Don’t hide your eyes
It’s time

Ok, saying “I waited all my life” may be an exaggeration. I wasn’t that demonstrative about my appreciation for this band and you can easily dismiss me as one of those crazy fangirls who simply lust after the vocalist. Although I was first exposed to their music when pundits shook their heads that they’ve gone too mainstream, I seriously adore the beautiful music and lyrics they make. And, yes, it doesn’t help that Brandon Boyd is the epitome of hotness in action. So unreachable. So inspiring!

Love hurts
But sometimes it’s a good hurt
And it feels like I’m alive

I was so excited for this concert that I even had to pop Excedrin PM so that I could fall asleep after my graveyard shift. Wardrobe issue and the rush-hour commute served as painful hurdles and, as soon as I arrived in the venue, I felt on the edge again. Phyll woke up late and poor Ria had to wade in through the manic crowd so she can meet her downstairs and hand her the ticket. Globe subscribers as they are, they had difficulty locating each other for the longest time. Probably because it’s now called SMART Araneta Coliseum. Imagine my relief when I saw them panting next to me just as the band opened the night with “Megalomaniac”.

Being seated in the farther left side of the band initially felt like a bad idea. But it was the best vantage point to witness Mike Einziger ran amok and toppled the amps for his seemingly mute guitars. I recorded a couple of my favorite tracks but I am yet to find the balls to upload them. I was far from steady for dancing while recording them and, well, thanks to the distance, my out-of-tune voice sounded louder than Brandon Boyd’s himself. In the end, the band’s energy radiated up to where we rocked and rolled that being too far eventually didn’t matter anymore.


Incubus in Manila 2011.
Photo by Andrea Juanillo.


Set List:
1. Megalomaniac
2. Wish You were Here
3. Consequence
4. Pardon Me
5. Anna Molly
6. Love Hurts
7. Circles
8. Look Alive
9. Promises, Promises
10.The Warmth
11. Drive
12. Sick Sad, Little World
13. Isadore
14. Glass
15. Talk Shows on Mute
16. Adolescents
17. A Crow Left of the Murder
18. I Miss You
19. In The Company of Wolves
20. Nice to Know You

After the concert, I reunited with my other friends Ingrid and Andrea and introduced them to Phyl and Ria to gush about their performances. Still, the night felt so young. Phyl, Ria and I went to the nearest 24-hour KTV bar to croon more Incubus songs and watch their music videos. By the time the sun came out, we took a long walk to Edsa and hoped to get a glimpse of the band members in the nearby ShangriLa. Madness!

Us girls at Chicago KTV Bar
Photo by Phyl Miram.

It’s been 9 days since the concert! I’m STILL listening to their songs, except for Fierce Angel while working out last Monday and, thanks to my younger brother’s intervention earlier today, Franco. And I’m still not showing any signs of saturation! Phyl said this is normal, as she underwent the same phase after watching Switchfoot and The Script this year. However, I didn’t experience this sort of overindulgence after watching the reunion concert of Wolfgang and Razorback and Ziggy Marley’s concert, both in 2007. 

And I’m already counting the days before the next livestream par-tey!

You do something to me that I can’t explain
So would I be out of line if I said,
I miss you…