So Splinder is being discontinued today. And I was asked to migrate 8 years worth of virtual blabbing to another blogging platform. As always, I ranted and pleaded for help before taking action. Some things don’t change, huh?

But, hey, the brilliant mind behind the now-defunct ScorpionSyrup’s lilac design took notice that my writing voice had truly evolved. Gone were seemingly endless paragraphs of complaints about anything and everything. My words as of late were all about spreading joy and inspiration. Yes, somebody decided to grow up.

This blog entry is dedicated to my dear friend Lovelove who selflessly and laboriously spearheaded this migration simply because I’m still the far-from-tech savvy blogger she knew since day one and I’ve been overwhelmed with work-related stuff and, ehem, relationship-related highs for the past weeks.  Insert applause here.

In the other news, I’ve been getting constant offers to promote this and that and suggestions to get into the paid blogger route. Considering my far-from-improving financial state over the years, it is truly tempting to get rewarded for this passion I have for the written word. But…but…but… Can I please keep this freedom to write about anything I do NOT specialize on? It’s fun, you know.