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I had a baaaaad dream!

I attended a certain gathering wherein I introduced Waldo to my long-time friends whose faces I can’t remember. When I got surrounded with people and papers, I heard him say he’ll go outside for a quick errand and saw him turn his back after I nodded.

Turns out he went to fetch someone lying comfortably at the back of a certain vehicle, planted her lips a sweet kiss and helped her rise from her position. They went outside with joined hands. In broad daylight!

It felt so real that it took me a while to realize it was just a dream.

I brought it up during that night’s phone call, after we exchanged details how our day went. He reacted with a chuckle upon hearing it, dismissing it as something not likely to happen in this lifetime. Awwww.

Then, I remembered an old quarrel in my past lifetime. This guy dreamt of me being involved in a sportive affair with somebody else and was quick to assume that I’m doing the same thing in real life. So funny, no? Now it’s my turn to shake my head and laugh away.