In my dream, I was browsing my friendlist on Facebook. (Yeah, I’m such a social media addict!) Then, I noticed that my ex’s profile skin was a blown-up photo of him and his blushing bride and their close friends pressed all together in great joy. Awww.

So I sent him a message, recounting my sweet dream. To my disappointment, he reacted: “Haha! Malabo ‘yun!” Being a smitten fool that I am, I countered that he might have found The One (“I may have. At some point. How are you?” and hinted it just might be his current flame (“Yeah. But you never know. I’m not a future guy.”)

How could this guy enter a relationship without this grand vision of making it his last? (“I always play for keeps. I just take it a day at a time, though.”)

Good point.