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Bed weather, it is. The heavy downpour overnight led to class suspensions that drove me to absolute envy and, yes, sympathy for those who suffered from floods. Needless to say, I dragged myself to the office. I was missing the company of my bed and blanket all morning that I ended up calling my boyfriend Waldo. I miss him the most.

He echoed my longing for hugs and all then proceeded to recount his wet dream during the wee hours. According to that dream, he was playing with our fraternal twins. He was very sure they were our spawns as the young lad looked like him while the young lass looked like me. Wow, parang celebrity couple lang! He can’t really provide further details since he woke up and didn’t manage to get back to that state anymore.

It wasn’t the first time he expressed his desire to have our own kids soon. Too bad I can’t display the same amount of enthusiasm for motherhood just yet. =P

EDITED: 05.07.2012

Fraternal twins talaga?!

Fraternal twins talaga?!

During our post-dinner conversation last night, he shared how he saw me give birth in his dream. He offered to take me to the hospital but I was a portrait of this-can’t-wait-anymore type of agony. Right after birth, the babies can talk (how Lam-ang!) and the boy asked, “Papa, gusto ko ng kwento!” So Waldo gave in and started to narrate a story he can no longer recall. Since it’s in Visayan, the baby girl reacted, “Di ko naman maintindihan! Ano raw?” or something like that. How…Lorna.