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Wow, it’s Friday payday the 13th. And my day started with a sequel to this baaaaad dream. Que horror!

In my dream, I was NOT exclusively dating Waldo. And it was hassle-free and perfectly fine. Then, an officemate showed interest to him. Waldo reciprocated her advances and they started going out, too. Since we’re both on the heavy side with penchant for skirts and dresses, I assumed that Waldo must be really a chubby chaser. But, hey, it was perfectly fine.

Even when the unofficial “third party” would call me out in the office to say she’d call me up to say something for everyone else to hear, I remained a poster kid of inner peace and professionalism.

Turned out I was not prepared to see them out together. To make matters worse, we took the same jeepney on our way home. I was seated across my cousins Minnie and Yumi and Tita Minda when they inadvertently took the space next to the latter. We nodded to one another in acknowledgement that…well…we know one another. It took conscious effort to remain animated in my conversation with my relatives while my peripheral view captured them making out. What more when I saw the “third party” shamelessly placed herself on his lap for more liplocking action?

It was amazing how she determined it was already their her jeepney stop considering how steamy their public display of impropriety was. I managed a phoney smile when they bade farewell. Before they completely went out of the frame, the girl reminded me of our long overdue phone call. The nerve!

Just to be clear, I don’t hold any grudges against this officemate in real life. We’re not friends, we’re not enemies either. Sakto lang. So there’s really no need to drop her name here.

So I told Waldo about this dream via SMS as soon as I woke up from this ugly dream around 04:30. When we saw each other a couple of hours later so he could help me with my travel bag for my long weekend in Zamboanga, he laughed it off and reminded me that there’s nobody else in his life. He didn’t even bother to ask how the “third party” looked like or ask them to be introduced when we made it to my office. Awww. One million pogi points!