Traveling Dahl

Zamboanga is one haven I was THIS close to miss. Weeks before our departure flight, I was quick to despair and dismiss it as a faraway adventure that I suddenly can not afford. Try telling that to my friends from different cliques (current employment, high school and raw food diet support group) and you can just imagine their disapproval for the potentially awkward exchanges of hellos and introductions in my absence in the airport. Claire, my online friend-turned-vegetarian support groupie, just came back from a 7-week backpacking journey in Visayas and assured me that, yes, funds is a valid concern but it can’t be the only obstacle to a much-deserved vacation. Over the phone, she recounted how the generosity and warmth of our own people made her cut costs. If there’s one thing she took home from this traipse, it’s the lesson that NOW is the best time to appease our wanderlust. To cut the long sob story short, promising…

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