I started the month wrong. For the first time since I moved out in February, I waited until the wee hours of Monday morning to commute to the farway land of Eastwood due to  X Factor Philippines craze (I wanted to know the decision real-time) and laziness. I set my phone to alarm at 03:00am before taking my sweet snooze.

Guess what? I woke up very hungry. Unhappy with the seemingly endless rain. And to make matters worse, it was already past 05:00! I know I badly need to dash, but my growling stomach won’t shut up. While I was having my solitary breakfast, I had second thoughts about reporting to work. My neck still feels painful probably due to bad sleeping position, giving me occasional head aches. Besides, knowing how crazy the rush hour traffic in Talaba, I know that I will make it to Eastwood by 10:00am if I get to leave my house by 06:00am. No exaggeration here. Bacoor is too close to Manila that all buses would be too jampacked by the time they reach my bus stop.

So I asked my half-asleep brother if I should go to work and he laughed that translates to “You know how much hassle you’ll get into if you haven’t left by 05:30”. That was all it took and I went back to my meal, sent SMS to my boss then crawled my way back to my brother’s bed. (My grandmother was staying in my bedroom that time).

While this was taking place, my father was dreaming that I called my boss to say I’m too sick to go to the office. When he woke up, he immediately looked for me and, to his surprise, he found me snoring away in my brother’s bed. So funny!